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WS Heavy Industry is to be safe and excellent world-wide Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering solution provider for the benefit of our clients and stakeholders. WS Heavy Industry’s vision is to create space for a sustainable future through all the activities performed in various places in the global world.

WS HI supplies the most suitable solution for every operational challenge. Whether it concerns a complex custom-built trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD), or a basic model, WS HI Dredgers makes the right vessel within the available budget for every customer. Thorough knowledge of the self-propelled segment also puts the company in the ideal position to supply other types of dredging vessels, such as large self-propelled cutter suction dredgers (CSDs).

WS HI Dredgers and its suppliers can always draw on extensive resources, experience and proven technology. Stored in archives and in minds, it is fit for use or adaptation. So WS HI Dredgers excel in the building of superb dredgers and equipment at competitive prices in all segments of the market. New dredgers not only profit from predecessors, but also from the technology of both standardized vessels and high-end one-offs.

Smart configuration of well-known components and subsystems is accompanied by our enthusiasm for innovation: new suction heads, other ways to navigate, enhancing seagoing features, saving fuel, reducing emissions - it’s in our minds every day. The WS HI Dredgers’ built vessel is the perfect mix of proven technology and innovation from the galley to the suction pipe, from the dredge pump to the bridge – as the sheer number of our dredgers, operated by leading contractors, proves day after day. With their efficiency, relatively low energy consumption and very high number of workable days they outperform the competition. These factors have an even greater impact on cost per cubic meter than the price of the dredger itself.

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